DRIVER Deliverable 93.1 - Identification of opportunities for positive societal impact of CM

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Kaufmann, Mareile & Stine Bergersen (2014) DRIVER Deliverable 93.1 - Identification of opportunities for positive societal impact of CM. Driving Innovation For Crisis Management For European Resilience (DRIVER). Oslo: PRIO.

The main focus of this report is to describe and investigate opportunities for positive societal impact, meaning it explores how societal resilience and social cohesion can be strengthened through crisis management (CM) measures in general and DRIVER tools in particular.

  • The introduction, Chapter 1, contextualizes the work of this deliverable. Chapter 2.1 gives a short definition of societal resilience, introducing its practical and its value-dimension.
  • Chapter 2.2 gives a broad overview of practical and value-based societal needs for crises management.
  • Chapter 3, the core chapter, screens a set of Red Cross/Red Crescent, EU and UN policies to see how existing strategies and frameworks for crisis management and disaster risk reduction address societal needs and values and seek to foster societal resilience.
  • Through that, Chapter 4 identifies opportunities for CM strategies to create positive societal impacts that foster societal resilience through CM. It relates general recommendations for positive intervention to key societal criteria that emphasize the importance of the value-dimension of societal resilience and crisis management. In doing so, Chapter 4 provides the necessary criteria system that will be used to evaluate the positive societal impact of DRIVER activities in the remainder of the project. Chapter 4 also functions as preparation for the further iterations of 92.1 and 92.2, where assessments of the creations of secondary insecurities and potential societal costs and negative consequences of the DRIVER portfolio of tools and measures are conducted with a similar set of criteria.
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