Arctic Security Matters - Russia's Arctic Aspirations

Report – external series

Baev, Pavel K. (2015) Arctic Security Matters - Russia's Arctic Aspirations. EUISS Reports: 24. Paris: EUISS.

EUISS publications

Dealing with ‘Arctic security matters’, therefore, is a good opportunity to carry out a number of parallel and distinct – but ultimately intersecting – types of analysis.

Russia’s central role in shaping the security agenda for the Arctic is beyond doubt, but its posture in this respect has changed significantly – and alarmingly - since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis in spring 2014. From the middle of

the previous decade, the Kremlin’s Arctic policy had followed a two-pronged strategy: strong emphasis on developing international cooperation on the one hand, and the sustained build-up of military capabilities on the other. Presently,

Russia’s interest in building ties with the Arctic neighbours is on the wane, while the intensity of military activities has reached a new high.

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