Exercising Access Rights in Norway

Book chapter

Bellanova, Rocco; Stine Bergersen; Marit Moe-Pryce; Maral Mirshahi & J. Peter Burgess (2017) Exercising Access Rights in Norway, in The Unaccountable State of Surveillance. Exercising Access Rights in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer (257–296).

Springer website

This chapter outlines the experiences of attempting to exercise one’s right of access in Norway. Using rich, ethnographic examples, this chapter tests how easy or difficult it is for a data subject based in Norway to obtain their personal data, firstly by locating the required information about organisations and their data controllers and secondly by submitting subject access requests to these organisations. The chapter reflects on the differences (if any) between public and private sector organisations in the process of responding to access requests. It also considers the potential for having submitted complaints to the national Data Protection Authority in Norway about the conduct of organisations when researchers submitted access requests to them.

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