Counter-Conduct and the Everyday: Anthropological Engagements with Philosophy

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Demetriou, Olga (2016) Counter-Conduct and the Everyday: Anthropological Engagements with Philosophy, Global Society 30(2): 218–237.

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​This article critically examines counter-conduct as an analytical tool for understanding minority subjectivity. It revisits the concept within its Collège lecture context and alongside alternative descriptions of opposing governmental power. Its affinities with the anthropological notion of the “everyday” are explored in depth. The anthropological everyday, it is argued, points to nuances that enrich our understanding of the political. Heidegger's notions of “everyday” and “they” are discussed alongside ethnographic insights from Greece and Cyprus. This anthropological-philosophical encounter yields a more meaningful understanding of counter-conduct, as embedded in the everyday, that addresses both its broad scope and its analytic specificity.

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