Topic: Dangerous Liaisons. The Triangular Drama between the United States, Israel and Iran, 1953–1984

Thesis timeframe:
Application deadline: 22 May 2019


After the creation of Israel in 1948 the young Jewish state had few if any friends in the Middle East and no Great Power to guarantee for its safety. Simultaneous pursuit for partnerships was made vis-a-vis the USA as a Great Power and vis-a-vis other alliance partners in its neighbourhood. After not long, Israel had established close relations with Iran, Turkey and Kurdic groups. The USA, on its side, wanted to shift its alliance politics in the Middle East and focus its efforts to the countries closer to the Soviet Union. What relations were established between these countries in the period 1953 to 1984 and how? Why these stratetgic choices? What connections and alliances were made and what sort of impact did these have on the development of relations between the countries?

Potential narrowing down includes 

  • USA and Iran in the 1960s
  • USA and Iran in the 1980s
  • USA and Turkey in the 1960s
  • USA and Israel from 1970s onward
  • Israeli foreign policy from the 1970s onward (Mastery of Hebrew language neccessary)
  • USA and the Kurds from the 1960s