Lynn P. Nygaard

Special Adviser on Project Development and Publications


Mobile phone: 93 25 34 81

Research Interests

​I focus on various aspects of academic writing in research-producing settings. I adopt an academic literacies perspective, which sees academic writing as a situated social practice. This critical perspective draws attention to how writing practices differ between various groups of academics – based on their discipline, methodological orientation, institutional setting, staff category, and so on. Specific topics include 

  • Research productivity
  • Bibliometrics
  • The "leaky pipeline"
  • Gender gaps in productivity
  • Writing in a second language
  • Teaching academic writing in a North-South context

Since the 1990s, I have provided writing support and coaching for researchers in a wide variety of disciplines. As a native English speaker with an interest in writing, I began as a freelance copyeditor and translator for Norwegian academics looking to publish their work in international journals. Working more closely with researchers, however, shifted my focus away from language and more towards developing awareness of audience, honing the core argument, and structuring the story. I currently provide writing support through workshops, seminars, retreats, and one-on-one coaching, both at PRIO and other institutes and universities. In 2008, I became a special advisor on publications and project development at PRIO. In 2016, I joined the Leader Team to focus on professional development more broadly.


  • Academic writing: I provide workshops and seminars in academic writing at both the Master and PhD level, as well as for faculty. I offer short lectures, half-day or full-day seminars, two-day workshops, and three-day workshops. I also offer more specialized workshops (e.g., "Writing the introduction to your article-based thesis" or "Quality assurance for reports") on request.
  • Presentation skills:  My course in presentation skills targets PhD students who need help presenting academic work in a scholarly context (especially conferences).

Educational background

  • Doctor in Education (EdD) (2019): University College London, Institute of Education
  • Cand. Polit. (2000): Graduate degree in political science, University of Oslo
  • Bachelor's degree (1987): Women's studies, Highest Honors, University of California at Berkeley           

Work experience

  • (2008-present) Special Advisor on Project Development and Publications, PRIO
  • (2000-2009) Editorial Advisor, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO)
  • Freelance copyeditor and translator specializing in academic articles since about 1990


  • Reference group, Akademisk skrivesenter [Academic Writing Center], University of Oslo (2016-)
  • Editorial board, Educate Journal, based at the Institute of Education, UCL, (2015-)
  • National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences (NESH) 2009-2013.
  • Diploma in Translation (Norwegian to English) from the Institute of Linguists (1993).


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