Topic: European Borders and New Humanitarian Spaces in the Wake of the ‘Refugee Crisis’

Thesis timeframe:
Application deadline: 14 Oct 2018


​This MA thesis would be written in relation to the research project “Humanitarianism, Borders and the Governance of Mobility: The EU and the ‘Refugee Crisis’ (HumBORDER), funded by the Norwegian Research Council (Young Research Talent project). The project sets out to understand the role of borders not only as security response, but also in producing humanitarian spaces, and how state vs. humanitarian responses to human suffering at the borders plays out. It then investigates the different means of managing and controlling borders, and the means of humanitarian intervention, through a three-pronged approach, looking at the responses on land, air and at sea. Finally, it studies the responses by various actors, including new volunteers and established humanitarian organizations, in some of the new humanitarian spaces created in Greece, France and Norway in the wake of the 2015 ‘refugee crisis’. The project inscribes itself into an international political sociology, yet is open to different disciplinary approaches. The MA thesis can draw on different qualitative methods (interviews, document analysis, etc.). 

The MA thesis could deal with different aspects within the scope of the project, such as EU policies and responses, or responses by certain member states, debates on humanitarian responsibilities vs. border control concerns, and the role of new volunteer efforts in the selected areas to be studied. 


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