Topic: The External Dimension of EU’s Migration Policies

Thesis timeframe: 2020/2021
Application deadline: 21 May 2021


​A consequence of the failure of the EU’s attempts to deal with the matter internally based on intra-EU solidarity, EU migration policies have grown increasingly focused on the management of the border(land/zone), on agreements with third parties, and de-localization of reception centres for asylum applications to areas outside the EU. Whereas benevolent interpretations of these policies would emphasize the wish to protect the migrants from dangerous crossings into the EU, other readings highlight practices that favour the delegation of responsibility to foreign countries, the lack of interest in exploring people-centered solutions, and neocolonialist behavior towards the countries in the southern bank of the Mediterranean. Among the issues to be discussed are the extra-territorial reach of EU migration policies; power relationships between the EU and third countries involved in EU migration policies; the overlap with critical development studies and post-colonialism; and the impact on third countries of EU externalization of migration policy. 

The student will be part of the Migration Research Group.