Topic: Developments in European Security and Defence Policies

Thesis timeframe: 2020/2021
Application deadline: 21 May 2021


​Measured in terms of resources allocated to security and defense R&D (research and development), the EU is moving fast toward becoming a capable security and defence actor. Following up on 10 years of security research, the EU is preparing a full-blown European Defence Fund of several billion Euros for military R&D over the next ten years. If these objectives are met, the EU will become Europe’s fourth largest investor in defence industry research after the UK, France and Germany. These developments in the field of defence are an outgrowth and development of the EU’s internal security practices that have emerged over the last 15 years. The heavy investment effectively transforms the EU from being an original peace project to a muscled security actor willing and able to intervene at home, at the border, and abroad.

The student will be part of the Security Research Group.