Topic: Ceasefires Effectiveness

Thesis timeframe:
Application deadline: 22 May 2019


Ceasefires are a regular occurrence in war, yet we know surprisingly little about why or when they occur, or how they affect the course of war or likelihood of peace. This is particularly true for civil conflict, and conflict between non-state actors, as until now systematic research has focused almost entirely on ceasefires during inter-state disputes.

Our project is compiling and analyzing the first globally comparative database of civil-war ceasefires. This dataset will be available for MA students to use. The project asks questions like: (1) Why, when, and under what conditions are ceasefires enacted? (2) What are the consequences of ceasefires for conflict dynamics, and (3) How do ceasefires affect peace processes (and vice versa)?

We are interested in students who would like to explore ceasefire using our newly collected data. The student will also get the opportunity to attend the PRIO-ETH Ceasefire conferences in September to be updated on what is the state of the knowledge on ceasefire research.


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