Topic: The ethics of peace negotiations and mediation

Thesis timeframe: 2021/2022
Application deadline: 02 Nov 2020


MA thesis projects are invited that look into normative controversies on the conditions, procedures and outcomes of peace negotiations and peace mediation. The projects can study the arguments of:
  • negotiating parties and mediators;
  • politicians and public opinion;
  • negotiation experts and commissioned evaluations;
  • scholarly literature on specific cases or on peace negotiation in general.

The projects may focus on one case, a set of cases, statistics on a large number of cases, or on general theoretical arguments and debates.

The MA thesis will be associated with a new research project at PRIO that seeks to introduce the ethics of peace negotiations and mediation as a field of systematic research, combining empirical and philosophical perspectives.

As part of the research project, an international expert workshop will be organized in mid 2021 for the formulation of guidelines for ethics in peace negotiation and mediation. An MA student will be invited to record, transcribe and analyze the debate of the expert group as empirical material for the thesis. Please let us know if this would be of interest.

The gender dimensions of peace negotiations, both in terms of process and outcome, are highly pertinent to this topic, and also relates to the generic MA thesis topic on Gender, peace and security.