Topic: Peace and conflict, reconciliation and polarization in Colombia

Thesis timeframe: N/A
Application deadline: 02 Nov 2020


The peace agreement in Colombia from 2016, which ended five decades of armed conflict with the FARC rebel group, was lauded for its comprehensiveness, inclusion of various groups of victims, and otherwise thorough process. For many international observers, it was viewed as a glimpse of hope in a year when other conflicts and developments took a turn for the worse. Domestically, it was viewed with more skepticism and fueled polarization, which became evident already in the 2016 peace referendum.

Since 2016, implementation has been slow. The peace process has also been hampered by killings of human rights defenders and ex-combatants, and polarization has deepened. What are the obstacles and opportunities that Colombia faces in its uneasy transition to peace?

This is to invite MA theses on the backdrop(s) for the 2016 peace agreement with the FARC; for inquiries into previous peace processes, conflict dynamics or other relevant developments; or for examinations of issues of peace, justice or reconciliation in contemporary Colombia.


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