Jozef Goldblat

PRIO Representative, Geneva

Jozef Goldblat left PRIO in 1993. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons. Jozef Goldblat is an External Associate at PRIO.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Goldblat, Jozef (2003) Efforts To Control Arms in Outer Space, Security Dialogue 34(1).
Goldblat, Jozef (2001) The NMD Dilemma: How To Save the ABM Treaty, Security Dialogue 32(3): 383–384.
Goldblat, Jozef (1999) The Balkan Imbroglio: A Way to Solve the Problem, Security Dialogue 30(3): 383–383.
Goldblat, Jozef (1999) Anti-Personnel Mines: From Mere Restrictions to a Total Ban, Security Dialogue 30(1): 9–23.
Goldblat, Jozef (1998) A Flawless Treaty? A Rejoinder, Security Dialogue 29(2): 231–233.
Goldblat, Jozef (1997) No-First-Use: A Prerequisite for Nuclear Disarmament, Security Dialogue 28(3).
Goldblat, Jozef (1996) Controversies Over the Planned Enlargement of NATO, Security Dialogue 27(3).
Goldblat, Jozef (1995) The Thorny Road to a Nuclear Test Ban, Security Dialogue 26(4): 359–372.
Goldblat, Jozef (1995) How Secure Are States Without Nuclear Weapons?, Security Dialogue 26(3): 257–263.
Goldblat, Jozef (1994) Legal or Illegal? The Perennial Controversy over Nuclear Weapons, Security Dialogue 25(4): 397–403.
Goldblat, Jozef (1992) Issues Facing the 1995 NPT Extension Conference, Security Dialogue 23(4): 25–32.
Goldblat, Jozef (1987) Demilitarization in the Developing World, Journal of Peace Research 24(1): 1–4.


Non-refereed Journal Article

Goldblat, Jozef (2002) The 2002 Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reductions, Security Dialogue 33(3).
Goldblat, Jozef & Thomas Bernauer (1992) Towards a More Effective Ban on Biological Weapons, Bulletin of Peace Proposals 23(1): 35–41.