Helge Hveem


Helge Hveem
Helge Hveem left PRIO in 1981. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Helge Hveem started work at PRIO as research assistant in 1966.
1968-1976: at PRIO with a research stipend from NAVF.
1976-1981 he held a researcher position at PRIO.
He left PRIO to take up a position at the institute for political science at the University of Oslo, since 1991 as professor.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hveem, Helge (1983) Rejoinder to Herbert Lamm, Journal of Peace Research 20(4): 365–366.
Hveem, Helge (1982) Preface to Special Issue: Poles on Poland, Journal of Peace Research 19(2): 101–101.
Lodgaard, Sverre & Helge Hveem (1978) Editorial, Journal of Peace Research 15(1): 1–2.
Hveem, Helge (1973) The Global Dominance System: Notes on a Theory of Global Political Economy, Journal of Peace Research 10(4): 319–340.
Hveem, Helge (1970) 'Blame' as International Behavior: A Contribution to Inter-state Interaction Theory, Journal of Peace Research 7(1): 49–67.
Hveem, Helge (1968) Foreign Policy Thinking in the Elite and General Population: A Norwegian Case Study, Journal of Peace Research 5(2): 146–170.