Victoria Ingrid Einagel


Victoria Ingrid Einagel left PRIO in 1996. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Working experience:

1994: Student at PRIO
1997: Associated researcher, PRIO

All Publications

Book Chapter

Einagel, Victoria Ingrid (1995) Territory and the Politics of Identity, in Samfunnsgeografi Hovedfagsårbok 1994. Oslo: (81–94).

Edited Volume

Tunander, Ola; Pavel K. Baev; & Victoria Ingrid Einagel, eds, (1997) Geopolitics in Post-Wall Europe. Security, Territory and Identity. London.
Einagel, Victoria Ingrid (ed.) (1994) Samfunnsgeografi Hovedfagsårbok 1993. Oslo.