Geopolitics in Post-Wall Europe. Security, Territory and Identity

Edited volume

Tunander, Ola; Pavel K. Baev & Victoria Ingrid Einagel, eds, (1997) Geopolitics in Post-Wall Europe. Security, Territory and Identity. London: Sage.

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The fall of the Berlin Wall symbolized a dramatic turning point in the history of European politics and security. Geopolitics in Post-Wall Europe highlights the new relations between politics, culture and territory. It analyzes the major geopolitical shifts in the connection between security and identity.

Part One covers the general geopolitical tendencies in Europe, including conflicts between culturism' and universalism, between national-romantic primordialism and cosmopolitan post-national identities, and between territory and escape from territory. Part Two deals with potential tensions between Russia and Europe and the possible emergence of a new European wall' between an extended NATO on the one hand, and Russia and the CIS on the other. Part Three focuses on the borderland between Europe, Russia and the Muslim world, with particular emphasis on the former Yugoslavia as a site of conflict between new metaphorical empires'. **Ola Tunander** Introduction PART ONE: A NEW EUROPEAN ORDER: GENERAL TENDENCIES **Ola Tunander** Post-Cold War Europe: A Synthesis of a Bipolar Friend-Foe Structure and a Hierarchic Cosmos-Chaos Structure? **Pierre Hassner** Obstinate and Obsolete: Non-Territorial Transnational Forces versus the European Territorial State **Ole Waever** Imperial Metaphors: Emerging European Analogies to Pre-Nation-State Imperial Systems **Uffe østergaard** Nation States and Empires in the Current Process of European Change **Shireen T Hunter** Europe's Relations with the Muslim World: Emerging Patterns of Conflict and Cooperation PART TWO: RUSSIA AND THE WEST - FROM COLD WAR TO A COLD PEACE'?
Iver B Neumann The Geopolitics of Delineating Russia' and Europe': The Creation of the Other' in European and Russian Tradition **Pavel K Baev** Russia's Departure from Empire: Self-Assertiveness and a New Retreat **Yuriy Borko** Possible Scenarios for Geopolitical Shift in Russian-European Relations PART THREE: THE BALKANS: BETWEEN EUROPE AND THE OTHER'
Christopher Cviic The New Balance of Power in South-Eastern Europe: Notes Towards a Provisional Assessment
Victoria Ingrid Einagel Lasting Peace in Bosnia? Politics of Territory and Identity
Edward Mortimer Concluding Remarks

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