Lene Bomann-Larsen


Lene Bomann-Larsen left PRIO in 2003. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

"Double effect in world business" (researcher/editor)

Phd-project "Legitimate targets in war?"


Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English

Working experience:

*Phd-student/research fellow University of Oslo 2002-
*Researcher at PRIO 2001-
*Research Secretary, The Norwegian Commission on Human Values, 1999-2001
* Lecturer, Philosophical Ethics, Folkeuniversitetet, 1999
* Research assistant on ""Innsatsområdet Etikk"", University of Oslo, 1998
* Various teaching at the University of Oslo and the Marketing College in Oslo.
* Various publications on philosophy and ethics


Cand.Mag in Philosophy, History of religion, Ethics University of Oslo 1994

Cand.Philol in Philosophy University of Oslo 1997

All Publications

Book Chapter

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2004) Reconstructing the Principle of Double-Effect: Toward Fixing the Goalposts of Corporate Activity, in Responsibility In World Business: Managing Harmful Side-Effects of Corporate Activity. Tokyo: UN University Press (82–98).

Edited Volume

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (ed.) (2004) Responsibility in World Business: Managing Harmful Side-Effects of Corporate Activity. Tokyo: UN University Press.

Conference Paper

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2003) Addressing Complicity: Legitimate Business Objectives vs. Harmful Side-Effects, presented at The Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) 16th Annual Meeting, New York City, June 2003.
Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2002) Corporate Social Responsibility in the Norwegian Petroleum SectorFebruary.

Report - Other

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2002) Bedrifter i konfliktområder: ansvarlig engasjement [Business in Conflict Areas: Responsible Engagement], Report by Næringslivets hovedorganisasjon & PRIO. Oslo: Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon & PRIO.

Report - External Series

Syse, Henrik; Kristian Alm; & Lene Bomann-Larsen (2001) Verdikommisjonens sluttrapport [The Final Report of the Norwegian Commission for Human Values]Oslo.