Lene Bomann-Larsen


Lene Bomann-Larsen left PRIO in 2003. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

"Double effect in world business" (researcher/editor)

Phd-project "Legitimate targets in war?"


Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English

Working experience:

*Phd-student/research fellow University of Oslo 2002-
*Researcher at PRIO 2001-
*Research Secretary, The Norwegian Commission on Human Values, 1999-2001
* Lecturer, Philosophical Ethics, Folkeuniversitetet, 1999
* Research assistant on ""Innsatsområdet Etikk"", University of Oslo, 1998
* Various teaching at the University of Oslo and the Marketing College in Oslo.
* Various publications on philosophy and ethics


Cand.Mag in Philosophy, History of religion, Ethics University of Oslo 1994

Cand.Philol in Philosophy University of Oslo 1997


Recent publications

All publications

Book Chapter

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2004) Reconstructing the Principle of Double-Effect: Toward Fixing the Goalposts of Corporate Activity, in Responsibility In World Business: Managing Harmful Side-Effects of Corporate Activity. Tokyo: UN University Press (82–98).

Edited Volume

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (ed.) (2004) Responsibility in World Business: Managing Harmful Side-Effects of Corporate Activity. Tokyo: UN University Press.

Conference Paper

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2003) Addressing Complicity: Legitimate Business Objectives vs. Harmful Side-Effects, presented at The Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) 16th Annual Meeting, New York City, June 2003.
Bomann-Larsen, Lene 2002 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Norwegian Petroleum Sector, February.

Report - Other

Bomann-Larsen, Lene (2002) Bedrifter i konfliktområder: ansvarlig engasjement [Business in Conflict Areas: Responsible Engagement], Report by Næringslivets hovedorganisasjon & PRIO. Oslo: Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon & PRIO.

Report - External Series

Syse, Henrik;Bomann-Larsen, Lene; & Alm, Kristian (2001) Verdikommisjonens sluttrapport [The Final Report of the Norwegian Commission for Human Values]: .