Tord Høivik

Researcher; PRIO Director 1979-80, 1984-86

Tord Høivik left PRIO in 1991. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Høivik, Tord (1983) Peace Research and Science, Journal of Peace Research 20(3): 261–270.
Høivik, Tord (1981) Demilitarization in Costa Rica: A Farewell to Arms?, Journal of Peace Research 18(4): 333–351.
Høivik, Tord (1977) The Demography of Structural Violence, Journal of Peace Research 14(1): 59–73.
Høivik, Tord (1977) The Lorenz Curve as a Peace Research Tool, Journal of Peace Research 14(4): 275–284.
Høivik, Tord (1974) The Development of Romania: A Cohort Study, Journal of Peace Research 11(4): 281–296.
Høivik, Tord (1972) Three Approaches to Exploitation: Markets, Products, and Communities, Journal of Peace Research 9(3): 261–270.
Høivik, Tord (1971) On the Methodology of Peace Research, Journal of Peace Research 8: 299–303.
Høivik, Tord (1971) Social Inequality - the Main Issues, Journal of Peace Research 8(2): 119–142.
Høivik, Tord & Johan Galtung (1971) Structural and Direct Violence. A Note on Operationalization, Journal of Peace Research 8(1): 73–76.


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