J. P. Linstroth

Senior Researcher

J. P. Linstroth
J. P. Linstroth left PRIO in 2010. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

Natural Resource Conflicts in Southern Amazonas, Brazil; urban Amerindians and indigenous rights, Brazil; Basque Conflict; Basque Peace Process; post-conflict Guatemala; Immigrants USA and ethnic conflict (Regional Areas: Latin America, Europe, USA)



  • D.Phil. Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK
  • M.A. Cultural Anthropology, Florida State University, USA
  • B.A. Political Science & Spanish, College of the Holy Cross, USA



  • Manaus, Brazil 2009 (Visiting Professor, Universidade Federal do Amazonas, UFAM; research urban Amerindians and social change; funded by US Fulbright Foreign Scholar Grant 2008-2009)
  • US Immigrants in South Florida (Cubans, Haitians, Guatemalan-Mayas) Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Grant 2005-2007 (co-awarded with colleagues)
  • Basque Country [Euskal Herria] 1995-1997 field research for D.Phil. University of Oxford


Languages Spoken

  • Fluent Spanish; some Portuguese; some Basque [euskera]
  • (read: Italian, French, Catalan; learning Norwegian)
  • (English native language)


Forthcoming Books

  • Marching Against Gender Practice: political imaginings in the Basqueland (forthcoming)
  • Violence and Peace Re-Imagined: a new theory for cognitive anthropology (forthcoming)

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Köttig, Michaela;Chaitin, Julia;Linstroth, J. P.; & Rosenthal, Gabriele (2009) Preface: Biography and Ethnicity: Development and Changes in Senses of Socio-cultural Belonging in Migrant Populations in the US and Germany , Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3): .
Chaitin, Julia; J. P. Linstroth & Patrick Hiller (2009) Ethnicity and Belonging: An Overview of a Study of Cuban, Haitian and Guatemalan Immigrants to Florida, Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3).
Cooper, Robin; Denese Edsall; Diana Riviera; Julia Chaitin & J. P. Linstroth (2009) "My Country" / "This Country": Ambivalent Belongings of Cuban Americans in South Florida, Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3).
Linstroth, J. P.; & Ayala Vela, Paloma (2009) "I am Maya, not Guatemalan, nor Hispanic"—the Belongingness of Mayas in Southern Florida , Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3): .
Linstroth, J. P.;Hall, Alison;Douge-Prosper, Mamyrah; & Hiller, Patrick (2009) Conflicting Ambivalence of Haitian Identity-Making in South Florida , Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3): .
Cooper, Robin; J. P. Linstroth & Julia Chaitin (2009) Negotiating the Transnationality of Social Control: Stories of Immigrant Women in South Florida, Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3).
Linstroth, J. P. (2009) Mayan Cognition, Memory, and Trauma , History and Anthropology 20(2): 139–182.

Book Chapter

Linstroth, J. P.(2010) Gender as a Category for Analysis The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace (Volume 2). : (226–234).

Popular Article

Linstroth, J. P. (2010) IA-Forum Interview: Dr. J. P. Linstroth04/01/2010.

Conference Paper

Linstroth, J. P. 2009 Narratives of Amerindian Discrimination in Manaus, Brazil, presented at Michaelmas Term Seminar Series: Comparative Indigenous Studies Research Group, , 1 December.
Linstroth, J. P. 2009 The Anthropologist as 'Political Object': Engaging and Collaborating with Urban-Amerindians, presented at Indigenous Studies and Engaged Anthropology: Opening a Dialogue, , 15 September.