Joakim Brattvoll

Administrative Assistant and Intern for Pavel K. Baev & Kristian Berg Harpviken

Joakim  Brattvoll
Joakim Brattvoll left PRIO in 2015. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

​Post-structuralism in International Relations. Russia, Uzbekistan, NATO.



MSc International Relations, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

BA Russian Language and Society, University of Copenhagen.

Languages Spoken

Norwegian, English, Spanish, Russian.

Research Groups

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PRIO Policy Brief

Brattvoll, Joakim (2016) Uzbekistan’s ambiguous policies on Afghanistan, PRIO Policy Brief, 1. Oslo: PRIO.
Brattvoll, Joakim (2016) Is Russia Back in Afghanistan?, PRIO Policy Brief, 4. Oslo: PRIO.

Blog Posts

Russia Breaks the Partnership with Turkey – but Builds a New One with Iran

Posted by Pavel Baev & Joakim Brattvoll on Thursday, 26 November 2015

De-escalation of the crisis between Russia and Turkey, caused by the first ever air fight between them resulting in a destruction of a Russian Su-24, has suddenly become the hottest issue in global affairs. What has been overshadowed by this clash of military missions and political ambitions is the strengthening of ties between Russia and Iran achieved in the course of President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran on 23 November 2015. This partnership-building may be of importance for the Syrian war, for the wider Middle East and beyond. All war trails lead to Damascus Since the start of Russian military ...