Women’s Empowerment and Multicultural Challenges in War-to-Peace Transitions: PhD project

Led by Jenny Lorentzen
Aug 2015 - Aug 2018
​PhD project in Political Science at Lund University.
Supervisor at PRIO: Inger Skjelsbæk
Supervisor at Lund University: Annika Björkdahl  

Research Groups


Conference Paper

Lorentzen, Jenny (2016) Appropriation and Localization of Gender Equality Norms in Post-Genocide Rwanda, presented at Gender Equality Norms and the Politics of Development Cooperation, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Copenhagen, 19 May 2016.

Report - External Series

Lorentzen, Jenny (2016) Gender and Culture in Transitional Justice: Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts, Gender-Just Peace and Transitional Justice Working Paper Series, 2. Lund University.