The Militarization of Opulence

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Demetriou, Olga (2012) The Militarization of Opulence, International Feminist Journal of Politics 14(1): 1–22.

This article investigates the processes through which a site, thought to encapsulate the history of the Cyprus conflict, has been militarized in multiple ways. Defined as a site of negotiation since its opening, Ledra Palace Hotel has instead been a place where conflict has diachronically persisted. The masculinization and militarization of this environment is addressed within a gender-focused analysis that emphasizes the normalization of violence. This approach reveals the political potential of acknowledging conflict dynamics hitherto obfuscated by hegemonic conceptualizations of ‘the conflict’.


Olga Demetriou

Olga Demetriou

Senior Research Consultant

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