PRIO invites you to attend a seminar with Ibrahim Ag Youssouf, one of the main architects behind the successful peace in Mali. PRIO's Ethics, Norms and Identities (ENI) programme is proud to be able to bring him to PRIO to talk about the moral and identity-based challenges of bringing peace and understanding to a country ravaged by civil war. Ibrahim Ag Youssouf (normally referred to simply as Ibrahim) was one of the main architects behind the peace in Mali. Notably, the Mali peace process is viewed as being one of the most successful peace processes within Africa, whereby a country torn by civil war managed to create what looks to be a stable and lasting peace. Ibrahim has been an adviser to UNDP in Mali and has worked tirelessly on creating a 'culture of peace' in the country since the end of the civil war in 1996. In this seminar, he will provide a fascinating insight into how the peace process worked in that country, as well as describing continuing efforts to create lasting reconciliation. As a Muslim who has worked closely with Christians in a secular state, Ibrahim will also address the role of religious leaders in peace processes. Within a continent associated with protracted civil wars and failed hopes for peace, Ibrahim represents a beacon of hope, common sense and tangible results. The seminar will be chaired by Greg Reichberg, leader of the Ethics, Norms and Identities programme at PRIO.