In association with PRIO’s 50th Anniversary Week in Oslo in June 2009, the CSCW Working Group on Environmental Factors in Civil War (WG3) and the CSCW node of the ESF/ECRP project “Disaggregating Civil Wars“ (aka GROW-Net) are organizing a joint workshop at PRIO on 11–12 June.

The workshop consists of seven thematic sessions with a total of 20 presentations, and brings together about 30 participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.

The workshop formally commences at 1 PM on Thursday 11 June in the Operasjonssentralen meeting room in the Red Cross Conference Centre, adjacent to PRIO, but interested participants are welcome to attend the official release of the new UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset, which takes place in the Henri Dunant conference room in the same building at 10 AM. Note also that all workshop participants are welcome to join the PRIO seminar ‘Peace Research Then and Now’ in Henri Dunant immediately after the workshop ends on Friday afternoon, as well as the PRIO Alumni Party later that evening.

The workshop consists of seven thematic sessions with a total of 20 presentations. Each paper is allocated 30 minutes, so participants are encouraged to prepare brief presentations (10-15 minutes) to allow sufficient time for the discussant and plenary discussions. Please note the paper submission deadline of 1 June. Papers should be sent to Johan Dittrich Hallberg (, with a copy to Halvard Buhaug (, and we will make them available below. The meeting room is equipped with PowerPoint facilities, overhead projector, and wireless internet access, and coffee/tea and refreshments will be available during the breaks.

Out-of-town participants have been booked at Holmenkollen Park Hotel. The remote (but scenery) location is not ideal, but a major trade event in Oslo during the same week shamelessly blocked all centrally located hotels two years ago. Participants arriving at Oslo Airport should take the airport express train to Oslo Central Station (NOK 170), from which one can find public transportation to the hotel or make a short walk to PRIO.

Workshop participants

Travel Directions

Workshop program

Session I: Environment and Conflict IHalvard Buhaug & Henrik Urdal: An Urbanization Bomb? Population Growth and Social Disorder in Cities Magnus Theisen: Does the ‘Ingenuity Gap’ Affect the Coup Trap? Demographics, Resources, and Coup Risk 1950-2000Indra de Soysa et al.: Conflicts and Patterns of Vulnerability on Drylands (figures)

Session II: Environment and Conflict IIRune Slettebak: Natural Disasters and Social Unrest in IndiaTor Arve Benjaminsen: Klima og konflikter i Sahel – eller politikk og vitenskap ved klimaets nullpunkt [in Norwegian]Gufu Oba: Ethnic Conflicts on Ethiopia-Kenya Frontier: The Northern Frontier District of Kenya from 1903-1934

Session III: InstitutionsLars-Erik Cederman, Kristian S. Gleditsch & Simon Hug: Elections and Ethnic Civil WarsMargareta Sollenberg: Aid Dependence and Armed Conflict: A Re-Examination of the Evidence Cao & Aseem Prakash: Trade Competition, National Political Institutions, and Domestic Pollution

Session IV: Resource WealthHelga Malmin Binningsbø & Siri Aas Rustad: Resource Conflicts, Wealth Sharing and Postconflict Peace Fjelde: Sub-National Determinants of Non-State Conflicts in Nigeria, 1991-2006Halvard Buhaug, Kristian S. Gleditsch, Helge Holtermann, Gudrun Østby & Andreas Tollefsen: Revolt of the Paupers or the Aspiring? Geographic Wealth Distribution and Conflict

Session V: International BordersJan Ketil Rød & Marit Brochmann: Revisiting the ‘Nature’ of Contiguous Borders and Armed ConflictMarit Brochmann & Indra de Soysa: Can the Liberal Peace Manage Riparian Fights?Marit Brochmann & Nils Petter Gleditsch: Conflicts in International River Basins: Contiguity or Asymmetry?

Session VI: Introducing New Data ISven Chojnacki: Armed Conflict beyond the State. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Non-State Violence in Somalia, 1990-2007Ralph Sundberg: Expanding and Disaggregating: New Data from the Uppsala Conflict Data ProgramNils B. Weidmann: Introducing the ICR Data Platform

Session VII: Introducing New Data IIAndreas Tollefsen: PRIO GridHåvard Wahl Kongsgård: Overview of Vietnam War geodatasets

Please send comments and corrections to Johan Dittrich Hallberg (