Noragric and PRIO have the pleasure of inviting you to this seminar. Registration is not necessary.

The struggle is over. The referendum is over. Negotiations over separation follow, and the new state will emerge. That state will have to set its development agenda and needs a policy on how to attract support and how to involve the international community.

Headline for forward-looking reflections now could be: From struggle and politics of separation to nation building and the agenda of development.

Noragric is involved through our NUCOOP project at University of Juba. Academic secretary James Odra and assistant academic secretary Bojoi Moses Tomor shall visit Noragric on 23 Feb – 3 March.

Tentative programme:

12:00 Opening:
Ruth Haug: Welcome address
Trygve Berg: Noragric involvement in the South Sudan, short introduction

12:30 Professor Shanmugaratnam: From war to peace: Reflections on post-war resettlement and development issues.

12:50 Øystein H. Rolandsen, Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO): Security for the independent South Sudan

13:10 James Odra, University of Juba: The role of the universities in nation building and development of South Sudan.

13:30 Bojoi Moses Tomor, University of Juba: Needs and agenda setting for development of South Sudan.

14:00 comments, questions and discussion.

15:00 Concluding remarks: Anne Wetlesen, NORAD