Øystein H. Rolandsen

Øystein H. Rolandsen

Research Professor

Email: oystein@prio.org

Work phone: +47 22 54 77 65

X: @oysteinhr

Interests and experience

Follow me on Twitter: @oysteinhr

  • Organised violence, African rebels and government counter-insurgency strategies
  • African militaries and security force assistance (SFA)
  • Humanitarian policy and practices
  • History and current affairs of the two Sudans
  • Critical approaches to peace negotiations and post-war interventions

A historian and area specialist with experience from research, strategy development, information analysis, planning and administration of projects. Substantial professional experience from the non-government sector within the fields of policy advice, humanitarian aid and long-term development co-operation.

Editorial Board member of the Centre for Peace and Development (CPDS) Journal, University of Juba, South Sudan.

Editor in chief for the blog Monitoring South Sudan @PRIOSouthSudan.

Personal profiles on other sites
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Language Skills
Proficient: Norwegian, English
Basic skills: German, Italian

Work Experience2020 - Research Professor
2017 - Co-director PRIO Centre for Culture and Violent Conflict

2010-2020: Senior Researcher, PRIO
2005-2010: Researcher, Centre for the Study of Civil War, PRIO
2003-2005: Advisor, Norwegian People’s Aid
2002: Senior Executive Officer, Norwegian Centre for Human rights

Academic Visitorships2014: African Studies Centre, Oxford University
2012-2013: Global Security Institute/Dep. of History, Durham University
2007: Programme of African Studies, Northwestern University

Education2010: Ph.D. History, University of Oslo
2003: Cand. philol. History, University of Oslo
2000: MA African History, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
1999: Cand. mag. History and Political Science, University of Oslo

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