Insight from Marginalized Communities:

This seminar is based on research from a project on local capacities for the prevention of violence in Haiti. The project is a cooperation between PRIO and Centre d’Études sur le Développement des Cultures et des Sociétés (CEDCS), University of Quisqueya, Port-au-Prince.

The presenters are Haitian researchers Rachelle Doucet (anthropologist) and Alain Gilles (sociologist). Doucet has done fieldwork in several Haitian Communities for the project, and Gilles has conducted a larger survey.

The seminar will be chaired by PRIO director Kristian Berg Harpviken.

Preliminary Programme

10.00 Welcome and opening by Wenche Hauge (PRIO)
10.15 “We can Handle this Ourselves”. Local Models of Conflict Resolution in Haitian Communities. Presentation by Rachelle Doucet
11.00 Questions and Comments
11.25 Coffee Break
11.40 Social Order and Conflict in Haitian Communities. Presentation by Alain Gilles
12.40 Questions and Comments
13.10 Summary and Conclusions

13.30 Lunch