On 27 June 2011 the project’s final conference on “Pastoralism in China Today” was co-organized by PRIO and IEA-CASS, hosted at IEA-CASS in Building no. 6, Zhongguangcun Nandajie no. 27, located within the campus of China’s Central Nationalities University (Chinese: Minzu Daxue) in Beijing. Both Western and Chinese (including Tibetans and Mongolians) scholars presented at the conference, which was attended by nearly 50 participants, and was simultaneously translated between English and Chinese. Most of the papers had also been submitted in advance and translated, and a book was printed up for all the participants, containing conference papers in both languagesThe keynote speaker for this conference was Melvyn C. Goldstein, a well-known Tibetologist who has conducted long-term studies (1986-2009) of a pastoralist community in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The first session on “Herding culture in transition” was chaired by Dawa Ciren (Tibet Academy of Social Sciences), and included presentations by Wangxi Zhuoma (China Tibetology Research Center), Astrid Cerny (International consultant) Dongzhu Cairang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Emily Yeh and Gaer’rang (University of Colorado, Boulder). The second session on “Sustainability and grassland degradation” was chaired by Xu Jun (Sichuan University), and had presentations by Michael Zukosky (Eastern Washington University), Ken Bauer (Missouri Botanical Gardens), James Taylor (University of Adelaide), and Ala Teng (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). The third session on “Ecological resettlement” was chaired by Ivar Bjørklund (University of Tromsø), and included the speakers Zhang Qian (Stockholm University), Fang Sumei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Lu Mei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), and Pematso (Tibet Academy of Social Sciences). In the fourth session on “Developing the pastoral economy” chaired by Wang Deka (China Tibetology Research Center), the speakers were Zhaluo (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and Aoren Qi (Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences). The final concluding session featured Professor Hao Shiyuan (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). A conference dinner was held at Kerqin Mongolian Restaurant. The conference was documented by both video and still photography. Information on the conference was made widely available on the Internet in Tibetan and Chinese, through China Tibet Online: http://www.tibet.cn/zxyj/tpxw/201107/t20110704_1100303.htm as well as the China Tibetology Network (http://www.tibetology.ac.cn/za/2009-07-03-11-38-25/hzcd/6050-2011-07-03-09-21-34?view=article&id=6050%3A2011-07-03-09-21-34&catid=109%3Axgxw).