The seminar is organized by Le Centre de Recherche et d'Etudes sur le Développement des Cultures et Sociétés (CERDECS) and PRIO, and presents the results from the research project Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management in Haiti: Insights from Marginalized Communities. This is a project that focuses on Haitian perceptions of conflict and conflict resolution, and on local models for conflict prevention and conflict management. Haitian sociologist Dr. Alain Gilles has conducted a survey for the project, and Haitian anthropologist Dr. Rachelle Doucet has conducted a qualitative study including fieldwork and interviews. Together the two researchers have covered the Artibonite, Port-au-Prince and the departments of Grande-Anse, Nippes, South-East and the South. The results from the survey and the qualitative work will be presented in the seminar.
The objective of the seminar is to reach out to a wider audience in Haiti with the results of the project, including to academics, NGOs, the UN, the UN force MINUSTAH, foreign embassies, Haitian politicians and bureaucrats and not least to the local communities themselves.