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An international workshop, Oslo, Norway, 14-15 January 2010

Pakistani migration has been a substantial part of the migration flows to several European countries in the past few decades. The International Peace Research Institute (PRIO) gathered a few scholars who have worked specifically on issues relating to migration from Pakistan at the workshop entitled "Pakistani Migration and Transnationalism".

The workshop was related to a research project at PRIO entitled 'Remittances from Immigrants in Norway' (RIN), led by Senior Researcher Jørgen Carling and funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). A large component of this project is a case study of remittance sending and transnationalism between Norway and Pakistan, conducted primarily by Researcher Marta Bivand Erdal. More generally, the migration team at PRIO conducts research on migration dynamics and transnationalism, with an emphasis on migration from Asia and Africa to Europe (see http://www.prio.no/migration)

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Participants, from top left: Marta Bolognani, Zbigniew Igielski, Mikkel Rytter, Sasha Roseneil, Jørgen Carling, Hafeez ur-Rehman, Alice Ennals, Tamera Stover, Marta Bivand Erdal, Alison Shaw, Katharine Charsley, Rojan Ezzati

Papers presented at the workshop are listed below. (The organizers are not in a position to distribute the papers, many of which were draft versions.)

  • Alison Shaw (co-authored with Jane A.Hurst): ‘‘I don’t see any point in telling them’: attitudes to sharing genetic information in the family and carrier testing of relatives among British Pakistani adults referred to a genetics clinic’
  • Katharine Charsley (co-authored with Kaveri Harriss and Alison Shaw): ‘Diasporic Pakistani marriages: transnationality, instability and divorce’
  • Marta Bolognani: ‘The three dimensions of the British Pakistani migration economy’
  • Zbigniew Dariusz Igielski: ‘Pakistani Migration to Poland’
  • Tamera Lee Stover: ‘Hijacked Identities: Silicon Valley Pakistanis and Tactics of Belonging’
  • Marta Bivand Erdal: ‘A place to stay’: migrants’ houses in the country of origin’
  • Sasha Roseneil: ‘Living Intimate Citizenship Transnationally: A Psychosocial Perspective on Migration, Movement and Emotional Life in the Pakistani Diaspora’
  • Mikkel Rytter: ‘Events and Effects: Intensive Transnationalism among Pakistani Migrants in Denmark’

For any further queries about the RIN-project, please contact Research Coordinator on Migration and transnationalism, Rojan Ezzati (rojezz@prio.no).