Marta Bivand Erdal

Marta Bivand Erdal

Research Professor in Migration Studies


Mobile phone: +47 452 17 648

X: @bivanderdal


Interests and experience
  • Interactions of migrant transnationalism and integration
  • Remittances, migration and development
  • Return mobilities
  • Belonging, citizenship and diversity
  • Migration and religion

I am a Human Geographer and have conducted research in South Asia (mainly Pakistan), Norway and Poland. I combine research on migration processes and transnational ties, with research on living together in culturally and religiously diverse societies, focusing on citizenship and nationhood.

My research is mainly based on qualitative methods, using semi-structured interviews and focus groups, focusing on innovative approaches to sampling and data collection in migration research. I have also worked with surveys, in Pakistan and in Scandinavia, including survey instrument development, sampling consideratons, and analysis.

You can read more about my research interests on my personal website:

Personal profiles on other sites:


Languages spoken:

Proficient: English, Norwegian, Polish.

Wo rking experience:

2019- 2022: Research Director, Social Dynamics dept, PRIO

2017- Research Professor, PRIO

2012-2017 Senior Researcher, PRIO

2007-2012: Researcher, PRIO

2003-2007: Children's and youth officer, Association of young catholics in Norway (NUK).


2012: PhD (Human Geography), University of Oslo
2006: MA (Human Geography), University of Oslo
2002: BA with honours (Geography), University College London, University of London

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