Over the last decade, there has been a surge of academic and policy interest in the role of ‘diasporas’ in the process of development. There have been many new initiatives from governments and development organisations to co-opt diasporas into existing development practice. However, these tend to assume that diasporas and the ‘development industry’ share a common set of interests and aspirations.

In challenging this assumption, Oliver Bakewell addresses the following questions: 
  • Who is included within these diasporas? 
  • Why should they be expected to contribute to development? 
  • What is the nature of this‘development’ in which diasporas now seen to play such a central role?

08.30     Breakfast and Coffee
08.45     Welcome (Jørgen Carling)
08.50     Diaspora and development. A marriage of convenience or true love? (Oliver Bakewell)
09.15     Discussant (Cindy Horst)
09.30    Questions and Discussions
10.00    End of seminar

Oliver Bakewell is co-director of the International Migration Institute (IMI) at the University of Oxford. He holds a PhD and MSc in Development Studies from the University of Bath and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He has spent many years working with migrants and refugees both as a researcher and as a practitioner with a range of development and humanitarian NGOs. Prior to joining IMI, he was the Senior Researcher at INTRAC – the International NGO Training and Research Centre.

Cindy Horst, Senior Researcher at PRIO, will be discussant at this seminar.