This five-day PhD course, held by the Research School on Peace and Conflict, provides an introduction and overview to a range of research methods in critical security studies. Its aim is to provide tools and methods to students of critical security studies in support of clear research design and rigorous scholarly methods.

Coordinators and primary lecturers: J. Peter Burgess (PRIO) and Mark B. Salter (University of Ottawa).

Guest lecturers: Claudia Aradau (King's College, London); Thierry Balzacq (University of Namur, Belgium); Xymena Kurowska (Central European University); Maria Stern (University of Gothenburgh).

  • The deadline for applications is 15 September 2013 - Contact and application: More information about the PhD course **** The Research School on Peace and Conflict offers advanced research training for the next generation of peace and conflict scholars by building on networks and expertise at the UiO, NTNU and PRIO.