Kristoffer Lidén

Kristoffer Lidén

Research Director


Mobile phone: (+47) 90 11 24 93

Interests and experience

  • Ethics of international affairs
  • Peacemaking
  • Humanitarian action
  • Security politics
  • Digital technology
  • Global governance
  • International law

Kristoffer Lidén is a Senior researcher at PRIO and the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS). Holding a PhD in Philosophy and MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, his research centres on the ethics of international affairs, with a focus on the fields of peacemaking, humanitarian action, security and digital technologies.

Lidén heads the PRIO Research Group on Law and Ethics and currently leads the RCN funded projects Red Lines and Grey Zones: exploring the ethics of humanitarian negotiations and On Fair Terms: the ethics of peace negotiations and mediation. He has initiated, coordinated and worked on several NRC, Nordforsk and EU funded projects, including Liberal Peace and the Ethics of Peacebuilding; Protection of Civilians: from principle to practice; and CORE: Cultures of governance and conflict resolution in Europe and India. He was responsible for work packages on ethics, law and human rights in SOURCE: Virtual Centre of Excellence on Societal Security in Europe and NordSTEVA: Nordic Centre of Excellence on Security Technology and Societal Values. Lidén coordinated the UiO-NTNU-PRIO Research School on Peace and Conflict from its inception in 2011 until 2017.

Working Experience:

2023-: Research Director, Dimensions of Security Department, PRIO.

2014-: Senior Researcher, PRIO.

2019-21: Deputy Director, Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS)

2018: Acting Research Director, Dimensions of Security Department, PRIO.

2018: Acting Director, Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.

2011-17: Coordinator, Research School on Peace and Conflict, PRIO.

2007-14: Researcher, PhD Candidate, PRIO.

2006-07: Coordinator and lecturer, Peace and Conflict Studies in Puducherry, India.

2006: Young Researcher at the Universities of Saarbrücken, Germany and Tilburg, Holland, as part of the EU funded project Applied Global Justice.

2004-05: MA stipend at PRIO.

2002-03: CO as research assistant at PRIO, Ethics, Norms and Identities programme.


2014: PhD in Philosophy, University of Oslo. Member of the Research School of The Ethics Programme, University of Oslo.

2006: European Research Training Network, Applied Global Justice, University of Saarbrücken, Germany, and University of Tilburg, Netherlands.

2005: MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Oslo. Philosophy specialisation.

2003: Major module in Philosophy, graduate level, University of Oslo. Thesis on 'Spinoza's Ethics of War and Peace.'

2002 Cand. mag. with the subjects Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology at the universities of Oslo and Bergen.

Work positions
Research DirectorPeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
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