Migration scholars are familiar with the notion of ‘myth of return’ according to which many migrants will always dream of returning to their country of origin, although the majority will not even start concrete processes towards this. The myth of return has been considered by some as one of the causes impeding full integration of migrants. What lies behind the fantasy of return? Does this fantasy really impede integration? What are the personal and political motivations informing such fantasies?

At this breakfast seminar researcherMarta Bolognani (University of Bristol) will give a presentation based on data from the British Pakistani part of the PRIO-led project Possibilities and realities of return migration (PREMIG). She will talk about selected case-studies using a psycho-social approach.

Doctoral Rearcher Marjan Nadim (Institute for Social Research) will act as discussant, and there will be time for questions, comments and discussion with the audience.

08.15 Doors open and breakfast is served
08.30 Welcome by Marta Bivand Erdal, PRIO
08.35 Presentation by Marta Bolognani, University of Bristol
09.05 Comments by Marjan Nadim, Institute for Social Research
09.15 Questions, comments and discussion
09.45 End of seminar