In this seminar, Prof. Apthorpe will be addressing the morality of humanitarian action across borders.

As a teaser, Apthorpe writes:

'Three (at least) humanitarian imperatives should inform the taking moral and/or material action across borders in the name of humanity, not only the one – to act – that we all know: a just cause, addressed by just means, so as to achieve a just outcome. The trick if one may so put it of achieving a justifiable humanitarian morality-in-practice, and studies thereof, is to keep all three imperatives in play, under care and control, in the air, and of course on the ground, all at once. Shall we speak then of an imperative humanitarian triad to maximize humanitarian gain, and minimize humanitarian loss.'


With a rich background in research and consultancy on humanitarian action, Dr. Apthorpe is Vice President of Council at the Royal Anthropological Institute, London, and is taking up a visiting professorship at the LSE. In his former capacity at the Australian National University (ANU), he held classes on international humanitarian assistance in an ANU – Bjørknes – PRIO graduate programme in international affairs.

The seminar is organised by the Humanitarianism Reserach Group at PRIO in collaboration with Bjørknes University College, the Research School on Peace and Conflictand the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.