Even as the financial crisis is said to be abating in Europe, another crisis, of refugees from the continent's periphery is becoming ever-pressing. This calls attention to the fact that crisis is never a singular phenomenon. The marginalizations it spurs, or further cements, takes place on a number of levels and impacts multiple populations. Syrian refugees today are not only fleeing from war, they are also fleeing into societies marred by austerity that has already begun to erode equality and inclusivity in gender and ethnic terms. This roundtable will offer suggestions for exploring this field of complex intersections between conflict, gender and migration.

In discussion:

Liza Schuster, City University London, UK - "Why are migration policies still failing"

Alexandra Zavos, Panteion University Athens, Greece - "On using gender as an analytical tool for interrogating crisis: some preliminary reflections from the Greek context"

Teresa Sorde Marti, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain - "Roma women knitting networks of solidarity from below"

Olga Demetriou, PRIO Cyprus Centre - "Rethinking vulnerability in crisis"

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