​​​This conference brought together scholars working on global nuclear governance in India and abroad to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the emerging nuclear governance architecture. It focused on how India can play a more proactive role as a driver of new ideas on the subject. In assessing India’s role in global nuclear governance, we sought to include both nuclear security issues and non-proliferation frameworks. The convergence exposed whether it is possible to envision a holistic nuclear governance and non-proliferation architecture.

More information about the conference

The conference had the following themes:

  • Understanding Global Nuclear Governance
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Global Nuclear Governance
  • India and Global Nuclear Governance
  • Multilateral Export Control Regimes and India
  • Nuclear Security, the Summit Process and Global Nuclear Governance
  • The 2016 Nuclear Security Summit and After: Setting the agenda
  • Existing Nuclear Security Institutions: Coordination and Integration
  • Role of Civil Society in Nuclear Security