The PRIO Cyprus Centre (PCC) is organising the fifth of its Conference Series on Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean on Monday, 2 October 2017 at Goethe Institute in the UN Buffer Zone in Nicosia.

As in previous years, PRIO will be co-hosting the event together with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Cyprus; the Atlantic Council (AC), Washington DC; and Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Rome.

The overarching objective of the conference series is to help inform public audiences in Cyprus about energy issues in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This is done by providing an international forum for expert discussion, in which energy companies' participation for communication of their plans to the public is also considered desirable.

The PCC strives to remain cutting edge and original in organizing the fifth event in this international public conference series. At this year's conference the outlook for Eastern Mediterranean Energy will be assessed by looking at:

  1. energy related global developments vis-à-vis resources, markets, economy, policies, and geo-politics and their impact on the East Med
  2. oil and gas companies' plans for the region; and
  3. the state of play regarding renewable energy in the East Med.

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