Harry Tzimitras

Harry Tzimitras

Director. PRIO Cyprus Centre

Email: harry@prio.org

Work phone: +357.22.456555/4

Mobile phone: +357 (99) 727 101

X: @h_tzimitras

Interests and experience

Public International law; Law of the Sea; Foreign Policy Analysis; International Organizations; Energy Geopolitics; Eastern Mediterranean; Cyprus; Greece; Turkey.

Professor of International Law and International Relations.

Before joining PRIO he was with Istanbul Bilgi University, where he has been the Director of the M.A. in International Relations Program and the Director of the Turkish-Greek Studies Division. In Istanbul he was also Adjunct Professor of International Law at Koc University.

Educated at the London School of Economics and the Panteion University of Athens, he has held positions at the University of Cambridge and the Institute of International Relations, Athens.

His teaching, research and policy interests lie primarily in the fields of public international law, the law of the sea, foreign policy, energy geopolitics, the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, and has published extensively in these areas.

Some of his recent publications in his current area of engagement include:

Gurel, A., Tzimitras, H. and Faustmann, H. (ed.) East Mediterranean Hydrocarbons: Geopolitical Perspectives, Markets and Export Routes, and Regional Cooperation. Oslo-Nicosia: Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Cyprus Centre, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Brookings Institution, PCC Report 3/2014.

Gurel, A. and Tzimitras, H. "Gas Can Become the New Lost Opportunity" in Kerr Lindsay, J. (ed.) Resolving Cyprus: New Approaches to Conflict Resolution. London: I.B. Tauris, 2014.

Gurel, A., Kahveci, H. and Tzimitras, H. "How to build confidence over energy issues in the context of a Cyprus settlement" in Andoura, S. and Koranyi. D. (eds.), Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean – Promise or Peril? Joint Report by the Egmont Institute and the Atlantic Council. Gent: Academia Press, 2014.

Gurel, A., Mullen, F. and Tzimitras, H. The Cyprus Hydrocarbons Issue: Context, Positions and Future Scenarios. Oslo-Nicosia: Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Cyprus Centre, PCC Report 1/2013.

Tzimitras, H.Z. 'The Legal Implications of Gas Resources in the Eastern Mediterranean: International Law Perspective's in Nathanson, R. and Levy, Ro'ee (ed.) Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean – Casus Belli or Chance for Regional Cooperation? Tel Aviv: Institute for National Security Studies and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2012.

Tzimitras, H.Z. "The prospects for Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean: Some Observations" in Faustman, H. and Gurel, A. Cyprus Offshore Hydrocarbons: Regional Politics and Wealth Distribution. Oslo-Nicosia: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Peace Rerearch Institute Oslo (PRIO) Cyprus Centre, PCC Report 1/2012.

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