The differences between Scandinavian countries in approach to citizenship and integration are striking. Denmark has one of the most restrictive citizenship policies in Europe, Sweden has one of the most liberal, and Norwegian policies are somewhere in between. But what do citizens themselves think, and are there differences between majority populations and minorities? And how does this matter for integration and belonging? The Governing and Experiencing Citizenship in Multicultural Scandinavia (GOVCIT) project has carried out a unique survey among young adults in the three Scandinavian countries, comprising a representative sample of immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and majority individuals. The results challenge common conceptions of how Scandinavian countries differ. In this final conference, the research team will present key insights and findings from the project. The GOVCIT insights will be put into further international context by the internationally acclaimed Canadian scholar Will Kymlicka, drawing on his ‘Solidarity in Diverse Societies’.

Tuesday 24 September, 09:00-16:00, Vega Scene.

08.45 Coffee/tea

Moderator: Indigo Trigg-Hauger, Peace Research Institute Oslo

09.00 The 'Governing and Experiencing Citizenship in Multicultural Scandinavia' research project (Marta Bivand Erdal, Peace Research Institute Oslo)

09.40 Presentation of GOVCIT findings 1: Do immigrants favour liberal citizenship policies?
(Arnfinn H. Midtbøen, Institute for Social Research)

10.00 Presentation of GOVCIT findings 2: Citizenship policies in Scandinavia – out of touch with the public? (Per Mouritsen, Aarhus University)

10.20 Coffee break

10.40 Presentation of GOVCIT findings 3: How do different forms of inclusion contribute to Institutional trust? Investigating the institutional trust gap in Scandinavia (Emily Cochran Bech, prev. Aarhus University)

11.00 Q&A

11.45 Lunch

12.45 Solidarity in Diverse Societies (Key note by Will Kymlicka, Queen's University, Canada)

13.20 Q&A

13.35 Presentation of GOVCIT findings 4: Does dual citizenship lead to divided loyalties?
(Marta Bivand Erdal)

13.55 Coffee break

14.15 Presentation of GOVCIT findings 5: Does citizenship increase voting? (Pieter Bevelander, Malmö University)

14.35 Q&A

14.50 Is using the citizenship institution as an integration tool a good idea? Concluding panel discussion, with Q&A and discussion with audience: Pieter Bevelander, Will Kymlicka, Arnfinn H. Midtbøen and Per Mouritsen. Moderator: Marta Bivand Erdal.

15.55 Thank you - we hope you enjoyed the conference!

16.00 End of conference

We will have the final GOVCIT event on Wednesday, capping off the conference: "Solidarity and membership in Scandinavia today: A conversation with Will Kymlicka and Thomas Hylland Eriksen". Register for that event here.