Photo: Pixabay

​On October 22nd, 2020, as part of Warring with Machines: Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence and the Relevance of Virtue Ethics, the first series of philosophy seminars was organized by Sebastian Watzl on behalf of Center for Philosophy and the Sciences (University of Oslo) and PRIO. The discussions included key ethical questions such as biases within AI, the ethical difference between human and AI conduct in conflict and more broadly set the landscape for future philosophical discussions within the series.

​The seminar was attended by Sebastian Watzl from the University of Oslo, Einar Bøhn from University of Agder, Ophelia Deroy from Ludwig Maximilian University, Geroge Lucas from US Naval Acadamy, Henrik Syse, Sigurd Hovd, Greg Reichberg and Neven Ahmad from PRIO.

Following a general discussion on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence within each participants field and projects, Ophelia Deroy presented her co-authored article "Algorithm exploitation: humans are keen to exploit benevolent AI". The presentation focused on how fairly humans are inclined to treat artificial intelligence. Ophelia's presentation illustrated that while both behaviour economics and experimental psychology illustrates that even when faced with the risks losing or being exploited by others people more often cooperate with one another to obtain a mutually beneficial results, when the "other" is artificial intelligence, people behave in exploitative and less cooperative ways. This paper presented a rich area for discussion for the seminar from contributions from all participants.