Murchison Falls, Uganda. Photo: Rod Waddington via

Welcome to a webinar featuring Christopher Gore (Ryerson University) and Godber Tumushabe (Associate Director at the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies), who will speak about past and future developments in energy & conflict in East Africa.

This webinar is part of PRIO's Green Curses and Violent Conflicts project, in collaboration with Environmental Peacebuilding. 

This event will be on Zoom. Click here to register.

Christopher Gore, Ryerson University: "Twenty-five years of energy sector reform in Uganda: Conflict and tension over the role of renewables". This presentation will explain the history of energy sector reform in Uganda, focusing specifically on the role that renewable and renewable technologies have played.  The presentation emphasizes how and why dams have been dominant priorities of the government and donors, what this has meant for small-scale renewable investments, and the conflicts that have materialized in this process.

Godber Tumushabe, Associate Director, Associate Director at the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies: "Oiling new frontiers of conflict in East Africa: The East Africa Crude Oil Pipe Line Project".