Photo: Bread for the World.
Photo: Bread for the World.

The role of diasporas in the development of their countries of origin is now an accepted part of migration and development analysis. However, policy recommendations have centered mostly on how origin countries engage their diasporas in development efforts. More than 110 origin countries have created specialized units devoted to facilitating diaspora contributions to development.

While research and recommendations on country-of-origin policies have advanced in both quantity and quality, two important pieces have been left out of diaspora-and-development discussions: 1) the importance of integration to the capacity of diaspora communities to contribute to development and 2) the ways in which official development cooperation programs in destination countries support diaspora organizations and involve diasporas in official development cooperation.

This webinar will examine what roles diasporas play in the development cooperation programs of countries of destination, as well as the potential challenges and opportunities for policy design. The webinar is a collaboration between PRIO and Migration Policy Institute (MPI).

Reports discussed will include: Integration and Development: Need for Dialogue and Diaspora, Development and Integration: A Review of Policies and Practice.

Speakers will explore how integration in destination countries influences diasporas’ ability to contribute to development in their homelands. The discussion will include examples from the diaspora engagement actions and policies of western donor governments and lessons about effectiveness and sustainability, including from Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and United States. The event will include a special focus on Norway, where policy development is looking into how to strengthen civil-society engagement in the field of integration, and exploring the connections to diasporas engagement in development cooperation.

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Grunde Kreken Almeland, State Secretary for Education and Integration, Ministry of Education and Research, Norway

Kathleen Newland, Senior Fellow, Migration Policy Institute (MPI)

Marta Bivand Erdal, Research Director, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)