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There are people who don't live in a single country but lead transnational lives. They are an extremely diverse group, spanning divides in privileges, preferences, rights and motivations. In a new special issue of Population Space and Place, we examine the phenomenon of transnational living and explore it through a range of thematic and regional perspectives.

Join us for a launch webinar in which we present how transnational living matters -- as a concept and a real-word phenomenon -- and give your teasers of the articles included in the special issue.

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  • Brief introduction (Jørgen Carling)
  • Presentation of articles (authors)
  • Open discussion

Video abstract of the introduction to the special issue


Special issue | Population Space and Place

Transnational lives: the meanings and implications of living in two countries

Living in two countries: Transnational living as an alternative to migration | Jørgen Carling, Marta Bivand Erdal, Cathrine Talleraas

"In the back of my mind, time always ticks one hour forward": The transnational temporalities of Moldovan domestic workers in Italy | Olga Cojocaru

New economics of transnational living | Marta Bivand Erdal, Jørgen Carling

Transnational lives on the move: Looking beyond binational sedentarism | George Mavrommatis

A shifting yet grounded transnational social field: Interplays of displacement and emplacement in African migrant trajectories across Central America | Heike Drotbohm, Nanneke Winters

'Unintended transnationalism': The challenging lives of Thai women who partner Western men | Paul Statham

The emotion management of transnational living | Godfried Engbersen, Erik Snel