Illustration by the Iranian artist Ghazisha. The hair is her own. Photo: Ghazisha
Illustration by the Iranian artist Ghazisha. The hair is her own. Photo: Ghazisha

Since the 1950s and well before that, Iranian women have had an active role at the forefront of revolution. Regardless of ethnic background and class, women have repeatedly paid the ultimate cost for freedom. They don't sacrifice their lives in order to die; rather, they sacrifice their lives to be able to live a free life with dignity. From the very beginning, women have been at the forefront as a decisive pillar in the struggle for freedom in Iran.

In connection with the performance Sacrifice While Lost in Salted Earth (January 26 - 29), PRIO, Impure Company, and Dansens Hus are pleased to invite you to a conversation on the uprising in Iran. In this seminar, PRIO Researcher Samira Amini, Researcher Banafshe Ranji, and the Socialist Left Party Politician Hasti Hamidi will discuss today's feminist, popular, secular and courageous revolutionary uprising in Iran.

This seminar will be held in Norwegian.

Click here for information in Norwegian.


Samira Amini Hajibashi is a Senior Researcher at PRIO, Peace and Conflict Dynamics Department. Samira completed her PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo in 2020. Her main field has been within visual attention, individual differences in mental effort and cognitive control, as well as visual perception, reward processing, and decision-making. At PRIO, Samira is involved in the ERC Starting Grant project "Adapted to War" (AWAR).

Banafsheh Ranji is a Researcher in the Research Group for Peace, Conflict and Development. She completed her PhD at the University of Oslo in 2019. Ranji has researched the sociology of media and journalism in politically restrictive contexts. She has written the book Journalistic Practices in Restrictive Contexts: A Sociological Approach to the Case of Iran (Routledge, September 2022). Ranji received the award of His Majesty the King's Gold Medal in 2020 for her doctoral thesis. She has been a researcher at the University of Oslo.

Hasti Hamidi is a politician in the Socialist Left Party and creates the intersectional podcast Woke me up with current topics from the social debate together with Mohamed Abdi.

Illustration by the Iranian AritstGhazisha. The hair is her own.