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Vector illustration. Photo: Getty images
Vector illustration. Photo: Getty images

History shows that technology can change the global balance of power. Every country today is navigating the dual challenges of the rise of generative AI and the return of great-power competition. These two forces separately and together have les ut to what may be the most uncertain period since the end of the Cold War. As the US and China tensions likely grow worse for longer, are we seeing the rise of geopolitical swing states and a new era of multi-alignment? The technology competition between the US and China was already heated, but the advent of generative AI as the most significant technology created since the Internet, makes the stakes that much higher for geopolitics and humanity. What can past technological revolutions tell us about this moment, how is what we are experiencing different from what came before, and what can we expect to happen next?

During this event, Jared Cohen, President of Global Affairs and Co-head of Applied Innovation at Goldman Sachs, will analyze how geopolitics, technology, and global markets are intersecting to reshape our world. The presentation will be followed by a discussion about how to navigate this period of uncertainty and what opportunities it presents for countries and companies to influence the course of events.


  • Jared Cohen, Co-Head of the Office of Applied Innovation and President of Global Affairs at Goldman Sachs and former CEO of Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas)
  • Henrik Urdal, PRIO Director, moderator
  • Greg Reichberg, PRIO Research Professor
  • Katarzyna Zysk, Professor of International Relations and Contemporary History at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
  • Silvija Seres, Mathematician and Technology Investor