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Vector illustration. Photo: Getty images
Vector illustration. Photo: Getty images

Different international actors, particularly great powers, are actively competing to achieve a strategic technological edge over the others. Discussions on artificial intelligence (AI) focus on the potential disruptive impact of AI-enhanced technologies on international dynamics of power. While AI could have a positive impact on digital societies, it also creates unprecedented challenges to international established governance structures.

Against this background, an increasing number of international initiatives, such as the Multistakeholder Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence, aim to “build global capacity for the development and use of AI in a manner that is trustworthy, human rights-based, safe and sustainable, and promotes peace”. Which are the main challenges and opportunities connected with the international governance of AI?

This seminar brings together researchers with complementary expertise to discuss different perspectives on global AI governance. These include an analysis of the Chinese and EU approaches to AI governance, as well as of the challenges of regulating military AI.