This conference is in-person only. Find out more and register your interest here.

This conference marks the culmination of the six-year MIGNEX project; where we will share new data, insights and recommendations on the core questions of the MIGNEX project:

  • The drivers of migration: As people navigate challenges and opportunities in their lives, some see migration to another country as their best next step – what prompts this conclusion?
  • The development impacts of migration: What are the multifaceted impacts of migration, and the circumstances under which migration leads to positive or negative development outcomes?
  • Policy coherence: How do migration management and development processes relate to each other – and does a heavy focus on containment of migration impede wider EU ambitions?

The conference is led in partnership with ODI Europe, ODI’s European office, which steers European policy design and ensures an informed debate about Europe’s role in the global arena.