Fieldwork in Ghana, MIGNEX project. . Photo: Jørgen Carling
Fieldwork in Ghana, MIGNEX project. . Photo: Jørgen Carling

This event is postponed, and a new date will be confirmed shortly.

As people navigate challenges and opportunities in their lives, some see migration to another country as their best next step. With data from 26 local communities across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East we have sought to understand what prompts this conclusion. There are influences that matter almost across the board, but a more striking finding is the remarkable variation in the causes of migration. The foundations for the analyses include a survey of 13,000 young adults and group discussions with more than 600 people in 26 different languages.

In this seminar, we launch the first of three concluding reports, which examines the causes of migration, part of the MIGNEX project’s contribution to new insights on the links between migration, development, and policy.

The MIGNEX project has been carried out by researchers at nine institutions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, funded by Horizon Europe. MIGNEX has been led by PRIO - the largest research project to date led by PRIO. See for information about the project.


08:30 Doors open

08:45 Welcome by PRIO Director Henrik Urdal

08.50 Presentation of MIGNEX insights on the causes of migration, drawing a newly published report summarizing insights across the project's research in 26 local communities, by Jørgen Carling, Marta Bivand Erdal, and Zina Weisner.

09.25 Marita Sørheim-Rensvik, Director, Section for Partnership and Development Policy Analysis, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

09.35 Questions, answers, and comments

10.00 Thank you and good bye.


A related event also presenting MIGNEX research will be happening 30 May